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Li huilin, chairman of trade group, visited our company to conduct research and guidance

2019/02/20 09:44
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On February 19, li huilin, chairman of the trade and trade group, went to our company to conduct research and guidance on business operation, accompanied by relevant personnel from the group's investm

On February 19, li huilin, chairman of the trade and trade group, went to our company to conduct research and guidance on business operation, accompanied by relevant personnel from the group's investment management department. Our company chairman zhao guoqiang and team members attended the meeting.



The meeting heard the introduction of the bulk commodity department of the food company on the distribution of sugar production and sales, industry dynamics, supply and demand relationship, business model and other aspects. Introduction to the development and development planning of guokong preferred business department. From the strategic level and top-level structure layout, chairman li huilin personally conducted on-site explanation, elaboration and guidance on the two business segments of food company bulk commodities and guokong preferred.
Li huilin, chairman of the board of directors, emphasized that the business contribution and development direction of each plate of the food company should have its own advantages, and give full play to the business advantages to form effective mutual support so as to contribute to the target tasks of the food company. Clear sugar business to do: first, carefully planning strategic ideas, break through the traditional thinking, innovation business model. Second, the business should be carried out to screen the upstream and downstream customers with high quality sources and competitive prices, accurately grasp the operation time, strictly control the business and price risks, and ensure the benefits. Third, train the staff and team, ensure the main energy into the bulk commodity business, ensure the risk is safe and controllable and lock in the benefits. Fourth, focus on the traditional model of middle class purchase and sales operation, create transactions, obtain financing to revitalize the whole business, and combine with the operation of other business sectors of guokong preferred and other companies to form a game of chess.
Li huilin, chairman of the board of directors, required to clarify the selection characteristics of the national control positioning, one is to interpret the condensed wine culture, enhance the advantages and avoid the disadvantages, in-depth exploration, screening and enriching the variety of goods. Second, consolidate the advantages of innovation, stimulate business potential, create high profits.
Li huilin, chairman of the board of directors, said that the next step of the trade group will more vigorously support the bulk business operation of the state-controlled food company, depending on the situation can inject start-up capital. State-controlled food company to revitalize the creating transactions, the introduction of bank funds, open business window, commodities at according to the conference spirit to improve annual business operations planning and ideas, strive for taking goods from production source advantage, sales stage enable the supply chain management operations, widely mobilize, brainstorming to expand sales, forming a complete trading chain, revitalize the business in an all-round way.
Zhao guoqiang, chairman of the company, said that in 2019, the company will grasp the development opportunities to ensure a solid foundation on the scale. Each branch company and each department should exercise the personnel team, strengthen the talent reserve, the business departments play their advantages, three branch companies to highlight the efficiency and efficiency, in order to ensure the completion of the established objectives; Zhangbei branch company and the bulk commodity department ensure the completion of the annual target, in the company's scale development to achieve double wings fly together, for guokong food company and trade group to contribute to the strength.


He Zhongqiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the provincial state control company and secretary of the party committee of the business group, led the team to visit the food control company to investigate and guide the work of the company.

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