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 Our company mainly carries out domestic and foreign trade foods, independent brand development, sugar, tobacco and alcohol sales, agricultural and sideline products sales. Simultaneously, we positive lay out state-controlled and optimized food, e-commerce platform, cold chain logistics, supply chain finance, high-end agricultural products, logistics distribution and other businesses, so as to achieve the cascade layout of services, products and platforms and comprehensive development.


  Under the strong leadership of Hebei State-control Commerce and Trade Group, restructuring after the integration, our new Hebei Province State-control Food Co.Ltd gradually develop from the business, fund, assets operation to capital and large data operation, strengthen the enterprise core competitiveness and brand influence, centralized superior resources proceed vertical extension, cross-border cooperation, mergers and reorganization and rapid expand with low cost.In the transformation and upgrading, to improve quality and efficiency, at the same time, will also actively promote the progress of mixed ownership reform, trying to build a state-controlled food company into a large-scale, modern platform food enterprises with clear property rights, well-defined right and responsibility, stressing the main business, high-efficiency operation, powerful control, and advanced cultural concepts as well.


  Since its establishment in 1954, our company has witnessed the political and economic reform and development in Hebei province and even the whole country, and made due contributions to the prosperity and stability of the provincial business market.At present, our company is focus on the target of building “one hundred year food”, based on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region coordinated development trend, promote development through innovation and increase benefits through reform,continue to promote integration of industry and finance and trade and finance , work hard to explore the reform of mixed ownership, actively undertake the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, make unremitting endeavor in order to build the company into a "regional leading, influential in the national food industry large comprehensive food group" enterprise vision !

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