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Hebei Provincial Guokong Food Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 100 million yuan, which is in accordance with the strategic plan of Hebei Provincial State-owned Assets Holding and Operation Co., Ltd. and the development plan of the “Professionalization and Plate-Orientation” of the State-owned Business Group. A comprehensive state-owned food platform enterprise reorganized and integrated by the food company, Hebei Sugar National Reserve Company and Hebei Guokong Sugar and Wine Company.

       The company has 89 employees, including five functional departments, including the General Department, the Finance Department, the Administration Department, the Risk Control Department, and the Investment Management Department. There are two business departments, the Commodity Storage Department and the Commodity Department.


Moutai stores, Yuhua branch, Qiaoxi branch, Changan branch, Zhangbei branch and other five branches.

       The company is mainly engaged in food domestic and foreign trade, independent brand development, sugar and tobacco sales, national and Hebei provincial reserve business, and actively deploys national control preferred food, e-commerce platform, cold chain logistics, supply chain finance, high-end agricultural products, logistics and distribution. And other services, to achieve service, product, platform ladder layout, comprehensive development.

Under the strong leadership of Guokong Trading Group, the newly-regulated and integrated Guoguo Food Company gradually developed from business, capital and asset operations to capital operation and big data operation, and effectively enhanced the core competitiveness and brand influence of the company. Vertical extension of resources, cross-border cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, rapid expansion of low-cost, while continuously transforming and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency, will also actively promote the process of mixed ownership reform, and strive to make the state-controlled food company a clear property rights, A large-scale, modern food platform enterprise with clear powers and responsibilities, outstanding main business, efficient operation, strong control, and advanced cultural concepts.

      Since its establishment in 1954, the company has witnessed the political and economic reforms and developments in Hebei Province and even the whole country after years of operation, and has made due contributions to the prosperity and stability of the province's trade and business market. At present, the company is closely focusing on the overall goal of building “Hundred Years Food”, based on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration and development trend, promoting development with innovation, increasing efficiency through reform, and continuously promoting the integration of industry and finance, integration of trade and industry, and striving to promote We will continue to undertake the reform and exploration of mixed ownership, and actively assume the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises. We will make unremitting efforts to build the company into a corporate vision of “a large-scale comprehensive food group that is leading in the region and has an influence in the national food industry”.