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Wang jinzhou, chairman of the provincial national control company, went to our company to check the safety work

2019/02/01 09:36
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On the afternoon of February 1, wang jinzhou, party secretary and chairman of the provincial guokong company, and zhang yunjiang, member of the standing committee of the party committee, went to our c

On the afternoon of February 1, wang jinzhou, party secretary and chairman of the provincial guokong company, and zhang yunjiang, member of the standing committee of the party committee, went to our company to inspect the security work. Yang shulin, assistant to the President and director of the general office of the provincial guokong company, xie qian, minister of the asset management department, and li huilin, chairman of the trade group, accompanied the inspection.




After arriving at our company, chairman wang jinzhou and his party first went to the central sugar storage warehouse for inspection, and inquired about the daily maintenance of the sugar storage in detail. Then, they went to the storage area for on-site inspection of the warehouse management, commodity storage, fire control facilities and monitoring facilities, and put forward Suggestions on strengthening safety management on the spot.
After the on-site inspection, a symposium was held. Wang jinzhou, chairman of the board, listened to the operation and management of our company since the reorganization and integration, and learned about the safety work from the aspects of system construction, safety investment, education and training, hidden trouble detection and emergency drill.
Wang jinzhou, chairman of the business platform and our company's early work and overall show a stable trend of good gave full recognition. He pointed out that guokong food company should re-plan its development plan and tap its development potential. It should also focus on the typical and experience around it, aim at a certain point and a certain Angle, and make great achievements in indicators, benefits and safe production. He stressed that the safety of production related to the safety of life and property of the enterprise, related to the reform and development of the enterprise and the overall situation of stability, great significance, difficult responsibility. As an asset-heavy enterprise, guokong food company should take safety production as the primary work of the enterprise, and further improve the ideological understanding, so as not to be negligent or careless. First, we should improve our political stance, firmly establish the concept of safe development, and earnestly implement the safety requirements of provincial party committee, provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration commission and state-owned enterprises. Second, to create a multi-level, multi-channel, multi-form production safety publicity atmosphere; Third, to further strengthen the key areas, the key location of the safety protection measures; Fourth, establish and improve the long-term safety management mechanism; Fifth, to do a good job in safety training, increase safety management and protection measures; Six should further do fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-destruction safety measures, refining summed up with the enterprise's own characteristics of safety experience.
Zhang yunjiang, member of the standing committee of the communist party of China (CPC) committee, stressed that all work should be carried out in accordance with the spirit of the work safety meeting of guokong company, the safety responsibility should be compacted, safety hidden dangers should be checked in time, and the 24-hour duty system should be implemented to ensure the safety and stability during the Spring Festival.
Business platform and guokong food company agreed to further strengthen safety measures, active screening of safety risks, to ensure the safety during the Spring Festival, at the same time, will do a good job in enterprise reform, transformation and upgrading, innovative development and other work, constantly tap the potential for the development of guokong company to make new and greater contributions to the development of the company.


He Zhongqiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the provincial state control company and secretary of the party committee of the business group, led the team to visit the food control company to investigate and guide the work of the company.

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