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1. According to the 18th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Trading Group in 2017, in November 2017, the three companies of Guokong Food Company, Guozhi Sugar & Liquor Company and Repository were reorganized and integrated into the Hebei Province on the basis of the original three companies. Control Food Co., Ltd.

2. On 2017.11.18, the company held a middle-level competition meeting and two-way selection activities for general employees. Twenty-three contestants took to the middle management position, and 65 general employees found suitable jobs through departmental and individual double-choice activities. The first general staff meeting was held and Chairman Zhao Guoqiang made an important speech.

3. The company's branch company, the sugar and liquor company outstanding performance in the 2017 work, was named "excellent member" of the China Alcohol Distribution Association.

4.2017.12.28, the company held the 2018 New Year's party.



1.2018.1.09, the company's business license scope increased smoothly: agricultural information consultation; agricultural technology extension services; fertilizer, non-packaged seed sales; leisure sightseeing activities; solar power; ordinary freight; bottle (can) drinking water Production and sales.

2.2018.1.31, all the employees of the company attended the first general staff meeting of the trade group, and He made an important speech.

3.2018.2.22, all employees of the company carried out the New Year's group worship activities, and listened to the work reports of various departments.

4. On 2018.3.8, Wu Chunsheng, deputy general manager of the Business Group, led a team to the Guokong Food Company to hold a discussion meeting on the second phase of the potato business of Zhangbei Branch.

On 5.2018.3.12, Li Huilin, the general manager of the Business Group, led a team to the Guokong Food Company to hold a seminar on the follow-up operation of the potato business.

6.2018.3.14, organize the heads of various departments and employee representatives to hold a symposium on the form of employee dining.

7.2018.3.27, the company held a workers' congress, and elected the general election of the trade union. Comrade Ding Jimei was elected as the chairman of the labor union; Comrade Zhang Cuixia was elected as the auditing committee member, and Comrade Wang Yanmei was elected as the female labor commissioner.

On April 3, 8.2018, Liu Jian, secretary of the Party Committee of the provincial state control company, went to the company to investigate and guide the party building work. Wu Chunsheng, deputy secretary, vice chairman and general manager of the Party Committee of the Commerce and Trade Group, accompanied the participants.

On the 4.4th of 9.2018, the company held a general staff meeting. The meeting reported the investigation report of the anonymous obituary. The general manager of the business group Wu Chunsheng and the secretary of Guo Shiping made an important speech. The company's leading members made speeches respectively. The conference elaborated on the attitude and standpoint of the party committee of the group, and must resolutely fight against the bad atmosphere, help the righteousness, suppress evil spirits, and concentrate on promoting development.

4.2018 4.23, Lu Bin, Sichuan Institute of Alcohol Research, came to our company for research and investigation, and started liquor knowledge training.

On May 8, 2018, the company held the second general staff meeting, which read out the company's implementation opinions on deepening enterprise reform and the two-way implementation plan for competition, and notified the trade group of important instructions on the implementation of the company's deepening enterprise reform, pointing out the company. There are several important difficulties and several important changes that will be caused by the deepening of reforms in enterprises.

On December 5, 12.18, the company held a mid-level competition meeting and a two-way selection activity for general employees. Twenty-six contestants took to the middle management positions.

On May 31, 2018, the company carried out safety inspections, focused on checking the storage warehouses, and conducted key investigations on the use of the warehouses and current safety hazards. The fire pumps and hoses were tested to ensure safety. Emergency facilities are in place.

On July 13, 2018, the company's overall relocation work was officially launched. The company's functional departments and business departments moved to No. 39, Cangxing Street.

On September 5, 2018, the company's party committee passed the election of all party members to recommend Comrade Lu Shuang as a member of the company's Disciplinary Committee; Comrade Lu Shuang recommended as the first branch committee discipline inspection committee; and Zhao Shujian as the second branch committee discipline inspection committee.

On September 13, 2018, the company organized employees to participate in the second session of the National Control System.

17. On September 29, 2018, the company convened a mobilization meeting for the "100-day attack", actively deployed the fourth-quarter work tasks, and laid the foundation for the completion of the comprehensive task indicators.

On October 26, 2018, the company's 27 employees participated in the second staff sports meeting of the National Control System.

On November 20, 2018, the chairman of the business group visited the company to investigate and guide the operation.

On November 30, 2018, He Zhongqiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the State Administration of China, and vice chairman of the Party Committee of the Commerce and Trade Group, went to the State Food Company to investigate and guide the work of the enterprise.

On December 4, 2018, the company held the 2018 middle-level cadre debriefing and assessment meeting. The company's leadership team attended the meeting, and 79 employees of the company attended the meeting.



On January 6, 1.2019, the company held the 2019 "Giving Thanksgiving, aspirations, and dreaming food" to welcome the New Year.

On February 1st, Wang Jinzhou, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the State Control Company, and his party investigated the company's safety work. Zhang Yunjiang, member of the Standing Committee of the State Control Corporation, Yang Shulin, Assistant Director of the Ministry of Industry, Xie Qian, Director of the Asset Management Department, and Li Huilin, Chairman of the Business Group Yan Lifeng, Minister of the Wind Control Department, accompanied the investigation.

On the morning of the 19th of the month, the chairman of the commerce and trade group went to the State-controlled food company to investigate and guide the business operations. Zhang Yi, assistant to the general manager of the group and director of the investment operation department, and related personnel accompanied the investigation.

On the afternoon of April 21, Guokong Food Company held a special seminar on fund status and financing, and invited Chen Hongguang, chief accountant of the Business Group, to visit the company for research and guidance.

On March 18, 5.2019, in accordance with the requirements of the group, the company organized a working group meeting for leading groups. Guo Shiping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Commerce and Trade Group, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Liang Meng, Minister of the Ministry of General Affairs, and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.