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The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between government and enterprise and the meeting of production and marketing of weixian featured agricultural products were held in guokong food company

2019/11/09 11:10
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On November 9th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between government and enterprise and the meeting of weixian characteristic agricultural products production and marketing were held 
On November 9th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between government and enterprise and the meeting of weixian characteristic agricultural products production and marketing were held in guokong food company. Gao zhenfang, deputy head of weixian people's government of hebei province, he zhongqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of guokong company and vice chairman of the board of directors of hebei university logistics association attended the meeting. Commerce bureau, agriculture and rural bureau of weixian government, strategic investment department, asset management department and related personnel of guokong food company attended the meeting.
This meeting is jointly held by the people's government of weixian county, hebei province and guokong food company, etc. It is a special exhibition aimed at the production and marketing of famous agricultural products in weixian county. The meeting invited more than 30 large catering enterprises and well-known hotels as well as more than 30 agricultural cooperatives and agricultural products processing enterprises as suppliers to attend the meeting. Ccpit site state-controlled food companies and ngawi people's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will make in-depth in the field of agricultural cooperation in the future, to play a state-controlled food company as the only provincial state-owned food enterprises in our province brand and resource advantage, promote ngawi in the provincial capital to expand the market of agricultural products, power ngawi poverty to get rich. At the meeting also carried out green food appreciation, poor county agricultural products spokesman recruitment, grassroots web celebrity live local goods, citizens and villagers married, rural tourism line promotion and other activities. National control food company rushed to test wine, potato and hebei salt company small package salt products were all attended the meeting.


He Zhongqiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the provincial state control company and secretary of the party committee of the business group, led the team to visit the food control company to investigate and guide the work of the company.

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