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Guokong Food Company held a futures knowledge training conference

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2018/11/16 09:49
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In order to further popularize futures knowledge, comprehensively improve the comprehensive skills of company personnel.

In order to further popularize futures knowledge, comprehensively improve the comprehensive skills of company personnel. On November 16, Guokong Food Company specially invited senior analysts such as Li Xiaowei and Guo Xiaoguang of Yide Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd. to conduct futures knowledge training for all employees. Party Secretary and Chairman Zhao Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager Shao Yong Relevant comrades and other members of the company team participated in the training.


At the training meeting, Li Xiaowei analyzed the current domestic and international fundamentals of sugar and the futures market for the majority of employees - "Bear City China, Zheng sugar is difficult to move forward", from the market trend review, international market, domestic market, arbitrage cost, operational strategy, etc. In five aspects, the system introduced the development of the sugar market and the effective operation opportunities.


Guo Xiaoguang introduced the futures market and futures hedging in detail through typical cases; carefully analyzed the accounting hedging account processing; systematically expounded the futures market function, the basic knowledge and regulations of white sugar futures delivery, and the risk control of white sugar futures delivery; The accounting accounting case and the hedge accounting guide the enterprise's hedge accounting, which provides the accounting accounting method for the company's subsequent operation.

Comrade Wang Xiaoxin of the company's sugar business department combined with the intention of cooperation with the Yulechuan Sugar Factory, systematically expounded the risk points, profit points and evasion measures with which it cooperated, expounded the operation process, and calculated the expected income, so that everyone can further integrate the business. Awareness.


The futures knowledge training activities are exquisite in content, rich in materials, illustrated and practical. The trainers all expressed great benefits. On the one hand, they strengthened employees' understanding of futures knowledge management. On the other hand, they had a deeper understanding of our company's sugar business futures operations, and played a positive role in strengthening futures management and regulating futures operations. .


He Zhongqiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the provincial state control company and secretary of the party committee of the business group, led the team to visit the food control company to investigate and guide the work of the company.

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