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  The sugar business of our company has been recovering gradually since 2007. With the overall absorption and merger of the company in 2017, we increase investment and pioneering efforts on the sugar business as one of the main business of the company.In recent years, the business scale has been gradually increasing, and the annual sales of sugar are about 40,000 tons.We break the traditional mode of small wholesale and small retail, make full use of the Guangxi Sugar NetworkSugar Wholesale Market Co., LTD., Yunnan kunpeng Agricultural Products Wholesale Co., Ltd. and other wholesale markets, realize multiple distribution strategies such as :bulk purchase, bulk sales ;centralized purchase, batch sales; remote purchase and local sales,etc. We break the regional boundaries,based on Shijiazhuang and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, gradually expand to the important domestic production and marketing areas, sugar purchase and distribution center, to achieve nationwide business.


  The team is continue to grow and has corresponding talent reserves from spot operation to combination of futures and spot operation experience. Based on sugar trade,we will extend the industrial chain starting from purchasing, shipping, storage, deep processing and other business points to increase the profit point.And based on sugar business, this model and business strategy is to be extended to the business of other bulk commodities. We will expand the scale of efficiency so as to lay the company's long-term development foundation with other businesses.

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