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  As a time-honored state-owned enterprise for decades, Our company has accumulated abundant intangible assets. We have a strong sales team with rich experience in food storage and logistics management.

  In September 2017, we set up a branch in zhangbei county and invested 30 million yuan in the operation of agricultural projects. It Mainly engaged in potatoes, carrots, cabbage and Onions and other vegetables storage and trade business.

  Now we carried out trade cooperation with Zhangbei Fengmao Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Which has many years of experience in potato trade, storage and transportation. Their partners are Beijing Shounong Group, Yanbei Potato Industry and other large enterprises, as well as many experienced and powerful potato farmers.

  Combined with the national "The Belt And Road Initiative" development strategy, Our sales is mainly to export,and domestic sales is as a supplement.Together with Zhangbei Fengmao Company, we have developed overseas markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Dubai. We achieved annual sales of 155 million yuan in 2018.

  On the basis of vegetable trade business, we will actively expand and extend on research and breeding, supply chain finance of agricultural materials, deep processing and other aspects to lay a foundation for future development.


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